‘WOW!’ Team 6645!!!

Yesterday, Jeremy Lohse, GM of store 6645 in Conroe received a shout out from one happy customer! Way to go, Jeremy!

Email Verbatim
I had awesome an experience today.  I ordered 20 pizzas and a bunch of wings from the competition and when I got there at 10:45 am their doors were locked and no one was in the store.  I called your store and got a nice guy on the phone named Jeremy, server # 7276,  I told Jeremy what the situation was and said I needed 20 pizzas in 20 minutes and he said he thought he could do it and he did and jumped through hoops to make it happen and he was great.  I want to let his manager to know what a great job he did.  It was refreshing to call someone and say that I have this problem and is there anything you can do to help me out and have someone say “Yes I can do that for you” and then actually do it.  It was order #60.  What he did was so nice and helpful.  It was promised for an event for special needs adults and they wouldn’t understand if you just showed up with a bucket of chicken.  You couldn’t ask for a better employee to be working for you.  He stepped up and I’d really like him to even get a “good job” for what he did.

Great job supporting our Guiding Principle “Striving to make every customer a loyal customer”!!!

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