‘WOW!’ Team 6500!

On Saturday, Cody Kizer and Team 6500 received some kudos from one of their loyal customers!

Email Verbatim

I have written a comment after my order. I want to be sure that the Domino’s Pizza that I order from gets the attention they deserve. I was disappointed when one of the guys left and I was afraid that service and perfection would go down. It did not! I’m not sure what the manager’s name is at 309 E Boling Hwy, store #6500, but I see the name, James, a lot after I place my order. Anyway, whoever is taking care of the store, training, overseeing orders has done a very good job. The place always appears to be clean. My orders are almost always correct and good tasting. I can’t even remember a time when the order was not perfect. Great job Store #6500! S.Anderson/Wharton,Tx

Great job supporting our Guiding Principle “Striving to make every customer a loyal customer”!!!

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