Mickey’s Special Pizza!

Thanks to Denise Beason for making Mickey’s day and for sharing this great story!

Hi all,

We made a little boy’s wish come true!

I spoke to Jan, Mickey’s grandmother, at a FBISD function. I gave her my card and told her to email me about Mickey.

Mickey is a 3rd grader, born with a cleft palate, who lives in Sienna Crossing. He has had surgeries to correct this condition, one just recently. His biggest wish was to have a pizza after his surgery healed. After talking to Josh, I made a care package for Mickey, including a chef’s headband, beach ball, suckers, pencils, stickers, and gift certificates for 3 free pizzas – the gift certificate says MICKEY’S SPECIAL PIZZA. I wrote his name all over the shipping box.

Jan sent me the attached pictures of Mickey opening the box with his sister Elizabeth. Here is her email:

Mickey was so excited to open his package. Thank you for that. Elizabeth got into the action as well.
He liked how you had Mickey written all over the package. It made him feel special. Thank you again.

Awesome job, guys!


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