‘WOW!’ Team Member, Paul Garcia, 6782!

Email Verbatim

You could call this…how a Dominos delivery driver saved us. I had went out to my truck earlier, and my battery was dead. I had moved to Houston two weeks ago, am still living on a hotel, was using a relative’s vehicle, and flat didn’t have the money to get the battery fixed. So, I was trying to figure out what to do when I saw a brown truck pull up outside, and a saint named Paul Garcia jumped out of his truck with a Dominos pizza. He said hello, and I told him I wasn’t the person that had ordered the pizza, and I was waiting to get my car jumped. Without hesitation, he said ” I’ll help you with that. Let me get this pizza delivered, and I’ll be right back”. So, not only does he take time to pull out his own jumper cables ( I didn’t have any ), but he noticed the ground cable was loose, so he goes back to his truck, grabs some tools, and fixes it. You now have a Dominos customer for life. Thank you, Paul Garcia. Thank you, Dominos for hiring a great guy like Paul Garcia.

Great job taking care of our customers! AND someone in need!

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