WOW! Great Job Teams!

‘WOW’ Team 6582, Blake Dick, GM


Thank you for your quick response. To be honest, I didn’t expect anyone would read my comment, let alone respond back, nor as thoughtfully and personally as you have done. In contrast to how I felt before, I am now thoroughly impressed. As for your offer of two free pizzas, I thank you for your generosity, but wish to decline them. My hope in writing was not to detract from Domino’s Pizza but to be helpful to it. As a result, I feel that receiving something I have not paid for runs against that intention. However that being said, what I will do is purchase two large pizzas from you this week in expression of my satisfaction for a job well done in the handling of my concern, and to further show my support for Domino’s.

Best Regards,

Alan Blanch

‘WOW’ Team 6794, Mohammed Aziz, GM

Good morning Mohammed Aziz,


On behalf of the firefighters of the Alvin Volunteer Fire Department, I would like to say Thank You to you and your staff for providing the pizzas on Saturday after the 10-50 accident. It was very much appreciated!

It’s people and businesses like you and yours that help these guys do what they do.   

‘WOW’ Team 6762, Justin Powell, GM

Email Verbatim

This ordering experience was a great one. The pizza and sandwich were prefect. The young lady that delivered our food offer for us to check the quality of the order before she left. She was very courteous and friendly. We just wanted to thank the store and the young lady for the great service.

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