What You Do Matters

What You Do Matters

No tip, late night deliveries, knowing we needed the money; we have all reluctantly taken these, never really knowing how we affect those we deliver to.

One such delivery was taken by one our Delivery Experts, Michael Diggs, store #6494.

As rush started, an order for the local hospital came up, Michael saw he would be the one to take this delivery. Although he knew it would take extra time and more than likely be a “no tipper”, he also knew he was touching the life of a sick person and could possibly be the best thing that happened to them that day. Michael had no idea the customer he was delivering to was about to affect him in such a huge way!

As Michael took his delivery to the room of an 8 year old little girl and completed the transaction with her parents who sadly stated “I’m sorry sir we really can’t afford to tip you right now”. As Michael replied “It’s ok, ya’ll have a nice day “he then proceeded out of the room.  At the same time the little girl was being wheeled out, she asked them to stop in front of Michael. As Michael overheard the doctors discussing how her chemotherapy was going to take place, this frail little girl leaned over and handed Michael her homemade bracelet and said “sir I’m sorry my parents can’t give you a tip, but here’s my bracelet I hope you like it, it’s better than nothing.”

As Michael began to tear up he leaned over and gave her hug and said “thank you, I love it! I’ll always wear it and be praying for you every chance I get good luck and stay strong”. As they wheeled her out of the room he walked over to her parents and shook their hands and stated “I’m so grateful I was the one who was able to take this delivery. This bracelet is the best tip a pizza delivery guy could ever get, knowing their little girl cared enough to give him her treasure.”

Thank you Michael for being a Super Friendly Team member and taking GREAT care of our friends and realizing it’s not always about the money we receive!

-Kendra Hartzo

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