WOW! Great Job Teams!

‘WOW’ Team 6846, Jorge Armas, GM

Email Verbatim
This location is great! Not only do they deliver fast and the food is great! they always fulfill my request for additional instructions. for example I have asked them to draw unicorns, cthulhu, bears holding sharks, write poems on the pizza box. and they always do. Such a great place to order from. it’s nice to see people have fun with their jobs. Thank you domino’s please praise this location for keeping us happy!

‘WOW’ Team 6637, Zahid Sultan, GM

Email Verbatim
Hi Ben,
I was hoping to meet you personally at our event last weekend. When I stopped by your table, you had stepped away. I just wanted to say thank you once again for participating in our event this year. We had 1,400 participants, 200 volunteers, 116 skin cancer screenings and so far have raised about $165,000. It takes a huge group effort in our success and you helped make that happen. I’d love to get you involved much early next year so that we can get your logo on all of our printed material that we distribute through out the greater Houston area.

‘WOW’ Team 6587, Tricia Sultan, GM

Hat tip to the team at the Crosby, Texas location! Great team and excellent customer service.

‘WOW’ Team 6663, Melissa Hall, GM

Email Verbatim
I was to eat lunch this past Friday with my girls at school and one of their favorites is a thin crust pizza from Domino’s. As usual, daddy forgot. Checking my watch I realized I had about 20 minutes to get to the school so my girls wouldn’t be in the lunchroom wondering where their dad was with lunch. I figure I’d take a shot and call our Domino’s to see if they could get it done in time. A polite gentlemen answered the phone and I explained my situation. He quickly spoke with the woman who makes the pizza’s and confirmed that it could be done in about 8-10 minutes. Still worried, I showed up at the store early (because I called them from the car) and they got it done in 8. Unbelievable. Tikima is the one who made my pizza and checked me out. I had gone into the store early to buy my girls your cinni styx as a treat but low and behold I was notified by the nice gentleman that tikima was throwing in free cinni styx without me saying a word. Again, unbelievable. Absolutely great service!

‘WOW’ Team 6662, Kerry Begeman, GM

Email Verbatim
Great online ordering experience delivery man very polite. Again this is why I
choose domino’s over pizza hut!

‘WOW’ Team 6665, Bruce Corbin, GM

Email Verbatim
I’m THRILLED with the service that I received today. From start until finish, I’ve NEVER had such a good experience. My order was ready promptly, I received everything I ordered AND I had napkins! I’ve NEVER been given napkins before. On top of that, the good was delicious. I’ve never seen wings presented so well before. Admittedly, it had been a while since I’d ordered from Dominos since I had a bad experience before then, but this went well above and beyond what I expected. THANK YOU!!!

‘WOW’ Team 6746, Chris Childs, GM

Email Verbatim
Had the best @dominos of my life last night at their Beaumont, Tx location. They deserve an award.

‘WOW’ Team 6630, Leland Cox, GM

Team 6630

‘WOW’ Team 6629, Charla Choate, GM

Team 6629

‘WOW’ Team 6794, Mohammed Aziz, GM

6794 Team

‘WOW’ Team 6500, Daniel Goethe, GM

6500 team

‘WOW’ Team 6794, Mohammed Aziz, GM

6794 team2

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