2014 Q3 AM Rally

On the 3rd of September, AM’s and Support Staff from across MAC Pizza gathered for the 3rd Quarter AM Rally led by Tom Moyes, VP of Operations and his two assisting hosts Dana Ruckman and Kendra Hartzo.

The meeting began with Tom giving some MAC Pizza history as well as some history from those that lead us every day. Those great experiences were shared throughout the day as the AM”s asked some pondering questions. One of the best quotes of the day came from Donna Holt, “God gave you two hands for a reason, it was to make pizzas faster”.

After a fantastic lunch, Jody Carda and Jessica Dickenson gave some very informative presentations regarding cell phone audits, insurance and various HR issues.

Ben Schulz presented for the first time, providing some fantastic hiring, recruiting and retaining ideas for the stores.

Dana Ruckman gave another inspiring presentation on the being GREAT Leaders in our stores, some great information for the future leaders of MAC Pizza.

Next, Kendra Hartzo gave a very motivating presentation on the importance of Uniforms and GREAT Hospitality.  Kendra showed us how to make more money by using these two tools.

Two AM’s were recognized for great leadership in their stores! Both Ashley Theigs (6808) and Bee Sears are inspirations for the future of MAC Pizza!

Ashley Lewis updated the team on the proper food entry at the store level.

Tom Moyes wrapped up the day by closing with our goals and some much needed Safety and Security reminders as we go into the holiday season.

Overall, attendees left with some fantastic, inspiring ideas for their operations!

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